Beyond 2020: Innovative Practices for an Evolving Landscape

What is the future of education abroad in Europe? As a field, are we prepared for what’s to come? At the turn of the decade, let’s take stock of the realities of 2020—what’s working and what needs to change—and anticipate future developments. Submit your positive, proactive, innovative, and visionary session ideas by January 10, 2020.

How is the perception of U.S. education abroad in Europe evolving? How are the expectations of students, parents, partners, and other stakeholders changing with regard to education abroad, and how can we best respond to these changes? How can we adapt to challenges such as demographic shifts, varying enrollments, changing perceptions of value, resource challenges, and decreasing language study? Innovation will be key.


Conference Committee

Léa Dominque Senn, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, chair
Mark Barneche, Pepperdine University in Switzerland, AUCS
Carolyn Becker, Texas Woman’s University
Kim Cahill, Villanova University
Chris Carroll, Florida State University, Forum Council
Thea Favaloro, NYU Prague, AAUP CZ, past chair
Kurt Gamerschlag, CC CollegeCouncil gGmbH, AASAP e.V.
Anna Gomez Pascarella, Global Experiences Florence
Heather Krog, Consultant based in Denmark
Megan Leff, IES Abroad
Lisa McAdam Donegan, Johnson & Wales University
Stephen Murray, Georgia State University
Amalia Pérez-Juez, Boston University in Spain, APUNE
Sasha Perugini, Syracuse University in Florence, AACUPI
Loren Ringer, Parsons Paris, EUASA
Stephen Robinson, Champlain College Dublin, ASAPI
Emily Schiavone, CEA Study Abroad Florence
Bruce Sillner, SUNY New Paltz, Forum Board of Directors
Sylvie Toux, Brown University in Paris, APUAF
Ian Welsh, Harlaxton College, AASAP UK


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