As individuals, each of us play a role in building our local, national, and global communities. U.S. students in Europe are challenged to integrate into their host communities and to understand the broader national and regional contexts that shape their experiences, while developing their own identities and defining their places in the world.

As international educators, we are challenged to support students as they navigate these layers of identity, at a time when tensions between regionalism, nationalism, and globalism run high in both the U.S. and in parts of Europe, and the definitions of local, national, and global are evolving.

How can education abroad professionals work with our students in Europe to build a sense of community at the local, national, and global levels? How can we encourage them to embrace the blending of these distinct identities in a way that celebrates diversity as well as the commonalities of the human experience that we all share?


Host Institution: NYU Prague


Conference Committee

Thea Favaloro, NYU Prague (Chair)
Alexis Phylactopoulos, AACG, CYA (Past Chair)
Janet Alperstein, New York University
Kathryn (Katie) Behringer, AASAP UK, Florida State University London
Jana Cemusova, EUASA, AAUP CZ, CIEE Prague
Amy Conger, University of Michigan
Wedigo de Vivanco, AASAP Germany
Erin French, Iowa State University
Rob Hallworth, IES Abroad, Forum Council
Rochelle Keesler, Lafayette College
Melody Knutson, University of California Education Abroad Program
David Puente, ISA (Spain)
Fabrizio Ricciardelli, AACUPI, Kent State University Florence
Thomas Roman, APUAF, IFE (France and Belgium)
Rebecca Woolf, ASAPI, EUSA Academic Internship Experts


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