Education Abroad at a Crossroads: Actions for a Sustainable Future

Education Abroad has the potential to make a transformative impact on a student’s personal, academic, cultural, and professional trajectory. However, education abroad impacts much more than the participants: home and host communities and institutions, local economies, partners, faculty and program leaders, and the environment all feel the effects of our growing global industry.

Let’s gather as a field to consider the viability of education abroad and the sustainability of our actions as humans on the planet. How do we ensure that we are honoring the communities in which we are operating over time? How do we value reciprocity and build sustainable and mutually-beneficial relationships? How do we sustain the deep and emotional impact of the experience on students in order to enact positive change on their home campuses and communities?

The generation that is preparing to study abroad will one day be called upon to solve the global problems of the 21st century, and their international experiences have the power to prepare them for the challenges ahead. Join us in Kansas City at this critical time to discuss education abroad as a conduit for change.


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Host Institutions

The Forum is pleased to announce the following host institutions for its 16th Annual Conference. The Forum thanks these members for their support:

Drake University
The Education Abroad Network
Iowa State University
Missouri State University
Seminars International
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
University of Iowa
University of Kansas

Forum members in the Kansas City area and surrounding region are invited to serve as Host Institutions for the Conference. For more information about this opportunity, send an email to conference@forumea.org.


Conference Committee

Elizabeth Strong, Missouri State University (Chair)
John Sunnygard, Western Kentucky University (Past Chair)
Jerry Barnaby, CCSA – Cooperative Center for Study Abroad
Paige Butler, Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Katelin Christianer-Donkers, Kansas State University
Maritheresa Frain, IFSA
Chris Fuglestad, UT Health San Antonio
Kerry Geffert, Terra Dotta, LLC
Whitney Longnecker, Texas Tech University
Paul McVeigh, Northern Virginia Community College (retired), Forum Board of Directors
Maraina Montgomery, Howard University
Andria Morse, University of Wisconsin – Stout
Katherine Mulfaul, University College Dublin
Christopher Quinlan, Brigham Young University
Andrea Rizzotti, FLACSO
Katie Saur, DePaul University
Bianca Schonberg, University of Texas at San Antonio
Patricio Varas Guerrer, Analogic Abroad
Kate Wozniak, University of Missouri – Kansas City
Basma Zeidan, American University of Beirut


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