Standards in Action is a book series that seeks to bridge big ideas and foundational principles in education abroad to the creative approaches and practical tactics that can turn those concepts into reality.


Volumes currently welcoming chapter proposals:

Sustainability in Education Abroad, Karen McBride & Pii-Tuulia Nikula, Editors           View Call for Proposals


Propose a Future Volume in this Series

Using the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, 6th Edition, as the jumping-off point, The Forum on Education Abroad welcomes colleagues to propose authored or edited volumes on topics such as:

  • ethics
  • collaboration and transparency
  • community engagement and impact on host communities
  • health, safety, security and risk management
  • financial planning, models, and management
  • mission, goal-setting, and program design
  • graduate global education
  • women and gender issues
  • mental health and resilience

We seek proposals for innovative approaches and fresh perspectives on essential topics for education abroad. Proposed content should be strongly grounded in theoretical frameworks and evidence-based practice. Authors and editors of proposed volumes should represent a wide array of scholars and practitioners from across our field and build bridges to partners in related fields. Proposals with authors and/or co-editors from multiple countries are strongly encouraged.


Download a PDF of this CFP


To submit your book proposal for consideration:

Send it to Series Editor Amelia Dietrich, Proposals should include: description of the book’s scope, content, and purpose, outline of book by chapter, information about anticipated editors/authors, audience, analysis of market profile/existing literature on this topic, and preliminary schedule for preparation and delivery of manuscript. Proposals accepted on a rolling basis.