The Forum is currently undertaking a comprehensive update of the Guidelines series to keep pace with changes in the field and respond to member needs. Two new and improved Guidelines were released at the 4th European Conference in Prague, Czechia on October 17, 2018.

The following Guidelines were released at The Forum’s 14th Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts on March 21, 2018:

Ongoing Guidelines Revisions

Each set of guidelines is being thoroughly revised and reviewed by members of The Forum Council, staff, and volunteers with specialized experience in the particular area of education abroad that the guidelines address. After these revisions, each set of Guidelines is made available for public comment for a period of twelve (12) days.

The Guidelines series is intended to be used in conjunction with the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad to address the specific needs and challenges presented by particular aspects of education abroad or specific types of experiences abroad. Forum members and non-members are welcome to comment. We also invite professionals from outside of the field of education abroad who have relevant experience to share their perspectives. All comments and suggestions will be considered for inclusion in the final document, and a report of the comments received will be posted here on this page after the comment period closes. Once complete, Guidelines will be published on this page, and print copies will be available for purchase.

Additional Guidance

Standards Guidelines (ca. 2008)

Recognizing that Forum members were seeking guidance on specific practices and types of programs, particularly where these practices and programs are significantly different from the same in the home campus context, Standards Committee Working Groups developed the following sets of guidelines: