Data Collection

New! 2020/21 State of the Field Data

INFOGRAPHICS: How COVID-19 Is Shaping Education Abroad: October 2020 data | June 2021 follow-up

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Comparing College Student Mortality Rates in the U.S. with Mortality Rates while Abroad

This 7-year expansion of The Forum’s 2017 investigation of critical incidents using insurance claims data finds that students are less likely to die during participation in education abroad than when they are studying on domestic campuses.

State of the Field 2017

The latest data on key issues and trends in education abroad as investigated by the State of the Field Survey since 2006.

Insurance Claims Data and Mortality Rate for College Students Studying Abroad

This Report provides for the first time information on the mortality rate for U.S. students studying abroad with a comparison to students studying on campuses in the U.S. The key finding of the Report is that college students studying abroad are less likely to die than college students studying on campuses in the U.S. The Report is beneficial to The Forum membership and the field by providing a context by which we can understand the relatively rare occurrence of the death of a student abroad.

Critical Incident Database

The Critical Incident Database (CID) is a tool for Forum members to use in tracking critical incidents that occur while their students are abroad. It also serves as a method for tracking required information on incidents that should be reported for a member’s Annual Security Report as required by the Department of Education in compliance with the Clery Act.

2013 Institutional and Program Resources Survey

This survey collected data on education abroad administration (advising and program management) including workload, salaries, and job descriptions.

State of the Field Surveys

The Forum State of the Field Survey is a signature initiative which takes the pulse of the field on a wide range of issues for all education abroad constituents. Now in its fifth iteration, it is the field’s only source of longitudinal information.

Other Surveys

Open Doors & Snapshot Surveys

The Forum on Education Abroad and the Institute of International Education (IIE) gather advanced data on study abroad enrollments to supplement the regular U.S. study abroad data collection conducted through IIE’s Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange. The Snapshot Survey provides the study abroad field with top-line study abroad enrollment trends for the academic year, as well as baseline data on non-credit education abroad and participation by non-U.S. citizens in study abroad programs at U.S. colleges and universities.