Forum to Offer Special Funding for QUIP!

The Forum is pleased to announce a specially-funded opportunity for member institutions to participate in a Quality Improvement Program (QUIP) review. Selected institutions will pay only a $500 fee and will be eligible for a grant to fund up to 75% of estimated site visit expenses.*

The selection of member institutions will be based both on a demonstrated commitment to completing a QUIP review and the need for financial support. The Forum encourages applications from a diverse range of institutions, including:

  • community colleges,
  • minority-serving institutions,
  • state colleges and universities, and
  • organizations and institutions located outside the U.S.

The Forum’s signature Quality Improvement Program (QUIP) has been successfully used by institutions and organizations as an objective, external evaluation of their education abroad programs in relation to education abroad goals, broader internationalization efforts, and status in relation to the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.

Feedback from a past recipient of special funding for QUIP:

We are aware of other review processes, and found QUIP to be the most rigorous, concrete, and effective process we know. The reviewers paid close attention to our submission documents, took the time to get to know us, and treated us like colleagues, making useful recommendations for the good of our institution, our students, and the field of study abroad.

Application Deadline: October 16, 2017

Self-Study Deadline: July 1, 2018

Site visits may take place in Summer or Fall 2018. Faculty and program participants or alumni must be available at the time of the site visit.


Apply Now


*      This is a savings of $2000+ from the usual base fee of $2500. If you are interested in QUIP but your budget does not allow for any cost sharing, please contact The Forum at to discuss funding options.