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QUIP is the only objective, independent review system in education abroad based on the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad developed by the field.


  • Streamlined, user-friendly process, maintaining objectivity and rigor;
  • Aligned with practices of higher education accreditation and international quality assurance;
  • Mapped to the concise  Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, 5th. ed. (2015);
  • Forum staff member assigned to each review to offer support;
  • Enhanced recognition for institutions and organizations that complete QUIP successfully.

Types of Reviews


QUIP Review

The QUIP Review is intended for institutions and organizations that offer education abroad programs either exclusively for their own students, or for the wider U.S. undergraduate market. Examples of institutions for which this review is appropriate include:

  • A U.S. college or university that offers several programs that are only available to their own students;
  • A U.S. college or university that offers several programs and markets them to the wider U.S. audience;
  • An overseas institution (college, university, or other) that offers one or more programs and markets them in the U.S.;
  • A third-party provider.

QUIP Recognition:The final result of the QUIP Review is a Final Determination Letter, issued by The Forum, which recognizes how the institution or organization’s education abroad programs stand in relation to the Standards of Good Practice, and if the institution or organization shows a commitment to continuous quality improvement. The Final Determination Letter will state one of two outcomes, that ‘yes’ the institution or organization is found to be in substantial conformity with the Standards of Good Practice, or that it is ‘not yet’ in substantial conformity.

  • If ‘yes,’ the organization receives a letter from The Forum that it is in ‘substantial conformity with the Standards of Good Practice‘ and through participation in QUIP is ‘practicing ongoing quality improvement.’ The organization may use The Forum’s ‘recognized for meeting Standards‘ logo, and its name is posted on The Forum website.
  • If ‘not yet,’ the organization is recognized for its participation in QUIP and receives a letter that indicates next steps, which will detail the recommendations that the organization should address, and The Forum resources available to assist. The organization will be encouraged to apply for another QUIP Review after it feels it has acted successfully on the recommendations.

QUIP Review Fee:
Starts at $3,000



Forum Consultancy

The Forum Consultancies are customized reviews, conducted by experienced consultants who provide objective guidance to address specific topics and issues faced by an institution or organization. Forum Consultancies conducted in the past have worked with institutions and organizations to provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning;
  • Health & safety;
  • Capacity building;
  • Program development
  • Office administration;
  • Fulfilling internal review requirements.

The final result of a Forum Consultancy is a report providing practical recommendations and strategic-level advice. Forum Consultancies differ from QUIP Reviews in that they do not provide a final determination of substantial conformity with the Standards of Good Practice.

Forum Consultancy Fee:
Consultancy fees are determined on a project-by-project basis.

Interested in learning more about Forum Consultancies? Email info@forumea.org.

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