Regional Workshop Proposals

The Forum is no longer accepting proposals to host regional workshops for 2018-19.  Requests for customized training are accepted on an on-going basis. Contact for more information.

1. Event Description

To continue its educational and training outreach, The Forum on Education Abroad conducts workshops throughout the year, across the United States and abroad. The Forum welcomes its member institutions/organizations to submit a proposal to host workshops during the 2018-19 academic year.

An organization/institution may choose to host one of the following full-day events. Options 1-3 consist of two half-day workshops; participants may choose to attend one or both workshops. Options 4-6 are full-day workshops.

  1. Overview of the Standards of Good Practice* and Mission, Ethics and Integrity (Standards 1, 9 and The Code of Ethics)*
  2. Student Selection, Preparation, Code of Conduct and Returning Support (Standards 4 and 5)* and Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management (Standard 8)*
  3. Student Learning, Development and Academic Framework (Standards 2 and 3)* and Program Resources, Policies and Procedures (Standards 6 and 7)*
  4. Mental Health Issues in Education Abroad
  5. Focus on Standard 8: Crafting Emergency Action Plans and Protocols
  6. From A to Z: Developing an Assessment Plan to Promote Student Learning and Development
*Standards Workshops can be applied toward the Professional Certification in Education Abroad program and Competency Credential Program.

Workshops typically host 15-30 participants. Workshops include a light breakfast, lunch, and coffee service. Catering costs are covered by The Forum.

2. Host Requirements

The workshop host provides the following:

Facility Requirements:

  • A meeting room for the workshop
    • Meeting room requirements: capacity for 15-30 participants in round-table format
    • Food service requirements: ability to comfortably serve buffet-style meals and coffee service for all participants
    • A/V Services – high-speed internet either by Ethernet or WiFi for session facilitators, and computer-projection capacity
    • Flip charts and markers
  • All meeting/function space, AV charges, and flip chart/markers must be provided on a complimentary basis.

Local Arrangement Requirements:

  • Catering contact information/preferred vendor list; The Forum will make and pay for catering arrangements.
    • Please attach a catering menu with prices to the proposal.
  • Pertinent transportation information including a summary of directions, transportation from airport, local/campus map, local hotels and parking details (to be provided on website and in confirmation to participants).


  • A staff member who will serve as the liaison with The Forum to assist in confirming meeting space reservations as well as provide details for the local arrangement requirements listed above.
  • In addition, one volunteer will be needed on the day of the event to help trouble shoot, provide directions and general assistance.

3. Host Benefits

The host institution of the workshop will receive the following:

  • Acknowledgement of the institution/organization’s role on The Forum’s website and in the Forum News (electronic newsletter), including the institution/organization’s logo.
    • Institution to supply the official logo to be used.
  • Three complimentary registrations for each workshop.

4. Implementation Plan

The Forum will notify the institution within six weeks of the deadline regarding the status of the proposal. When reviewing the proposals, The Forum will consider the proximity to major transportation, the concentration of institutions and organizations in the region, and how recently the organization has hosted a Forum workshop.

Successful proposals will describe how the institution/organization can meet the requirements detailed above, and include all supporting documentation (such as facility floor plans, building or campus maps, catering menus, links to websites of local accommodation and transportation, and logo).