Forum Trained Facilitator Team & Certification Assessors

Meet the Forum Trained Facilitator Team

The Forum Trained Facilitator Team (FTFT) is a group of mid- to senior-level education abroad professionals from around the world who are prepared to deliver the highest level of programming to Forum members. This cohort of specially-trained colleagues delivers workshops and webinars on a variety of topics tied to the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad and the Code of Ethics for Education Abroad. Many of these workshops also form the basis of the Professional Certification in Education Abroad program.


Mandy Brookins
Mandy Brookins,,
DePauw University
Paige Butler
Paige Butler,
Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Ryan Dye
Ryan Dye,
Miami University
Nick Gozik
Nick Gozik,
Elon University










Eowyn Greeno
Eowyn Greeno,
University of Puget Sound
Ann Hubbard,
The Asia Institute
Ashley Neyer
Ashley Neyer,
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Margherita Pasquini, Università Cattolica de Sacro Cuore
Margherita Pasquini,
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore










Bradley Rink, University of Cape Town
Bradley Rink,
University of the Western Cape









Meet the Certification Assessors

Forum Certification Assessors are experienced professionals in the field of education abroad, who have demonstrated at great length their skill in the articulation and application of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. Selected from a pool of highly qualified applicants, they are carefully vetted and rigorously trained to evaluate Standards Assignments reliably and consistently based on established criteria. Forum Certification Assessors perform a vital service, with the goal of assuring quality education abroad and improving the field as a whole.


Rosa Almoguera
Rosa Almoguera
Mandy Brookins
Mandy Brookins,
DePauw University
Ryan Dye
Ryan Dye,
Miami University
Tim Lynn Elliott
Lynn Elliott,
Brigham Young University










Stacy Fischer,
Drew University
Nick Gozik
Nick Gozik,
Elon University
Sue Jackson
Sue Jackson,
Whitworth University*
Cara Lane-Toomey
Cara Lane-Toomey,
Where There Be Dragons










Cheryl Lochner-Wright
Cheryl Lochner-Wright,
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Kevin Morrison,
Macalester College
Naomi Otterness
Naomi Otterness,
Davidson College
David Shallenberger
David Shallenberger,
School for International Training*










Elizabeth Strong
Elizabeth Strong,
Missouri State University
Cathy Winnie
Cathy Winnie










*Indicates retirement

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