Professional Certification: Certification Maintenance

Certification is maintained by demonstrating continued professional development related to education abroad and the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. At least 5 points must be accumulated over a two-year period through participation in a wide range of possible activities. Some of the activities might include any of the following:


Points Awarded

Examples of Certification Maintenance Activities**

Attend a Forum webinar
Attend a Forum Conference or an equivalent professional conference or event
Attend a Forum Standards Institute
Attend a Forum Workshop
Attend a Critical Dialogue
Contribute a resource to The Forum’s Standards Toolbox
Contribute to The Forum’s Curriculum Toolbox
Contribute an assessment case study to The Forum’s Outcomes Assessment Toolbox
Contribute to the Education Abroad Digital Resource Center
Apply the Standards in professional work
(example: document a new policy implementation based upon one of more Standards)
Present at a Forum Conference or an equivalent professional conference or event
Active service on a Forum Committee or Working Group
Serve as a Professional Certification Mentor
Graduate level course related to work
Present at a Forum Standards Institute
Publish a scholarly article in Frontiers or other peer-reviewed publication
Facilitate a Forum Standards Workshop
Serve as a Certification Assessor
Serve as a QUIP Peer Reviewer

**Additional options may be proposed by the certified individual and approved by The Forum.

Certification is maintained by engaging in a combination of activities that equals or surpasses a total of 5 points over a two-year period. Examples might include:

  • Attend two webinars (1pt), attend The Forum annual conference and another professional conference (2pts) and present a session (2pts) at a conference.
  • Attend a Critical Dialogue (1pt), attend The Forum Annual Conference (1pt), and publish a scholarly article (3pts).
  • Serve as a QUIP Peer Reviewer (3pts) and give a presentation at a NAFSA Conference (2pts).
  • Apply an aspect of the Standards in the development of an education abroad program (2pts), attend a Standards Workshop (1pt), and present about education abroad at a professional conference (2pts).

Appropriate documentation of activities must be provided and will be reviewed by The Forum.

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