EMEA Opening Plenary by Dr. Yamina EL KIRAT EL ALLAME

“Expanding the Dialogue on International Education: Emerging Trends from the Middle East and Africa”

Join us for a plenary that demonstrates how opening to the MENA region and Africa can enrich dialogue around international education, featuring an overview of the current state, emerging trends, and strategies in these regions. Practical examples will be provided to showcase current practices and challenges in each region. Focusing on the MENA region and Africa in general, and North Africa in particular, the keynote will highlight the academic cooperation experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic and the related policies implemented, and identify the emerging trends and challenges in academic collaboration.

Professor Yamina EL KIRAT EL ALLAME got her Ph.D. in minority identities, languages and cultures. She is the Director of the Moroccan Institute for Advanced Studies at Mohammed V University, a Professor at IES Abroad Rabat, and the coordinator of the UNIMED SUB-Network on migration. She was a member of the UNESCO Ad Hoc Committee of Experts for Endangered Languages. She is an international adviser and consultant in the field of higher education.

She was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Greenville Tech in 2010 with the program entitled “Direct Access to the Muslim World” where she helped in developing a program entitled “Middle Eastern Studies.” She is the coordinator of the AMAS Erasmus Inter Africa Mobility Project in Morocco, a member of the Erasmus Capacity Building Project “Edu-BioMed” on biosphere reserves and a member of the Global Youth Academy Project and a research partner of the GLoSYS Project. El Kirat has been teaching courses at IES-ABROAD Rabat-Morocco on the topic of cultural identities in the MENA region, and has been coordinating IES programs at Mohammed V University.

Professor El Kirat is a member of the Standing Committee of the World Congress of African Linguistics (WOCAL) and the President of the organizing Committee of WOCAL 9, which took place in Rabat-Morocco in August 2018. She has taught and carried out research in cultural linguistics/anthropology, sociolinguistics, language endangerment, minority cultures, cultural representations and attitudes, gender issues, and language and educational policy, internationalization of higher education for more than 30 years. Her interest in all these issues stems from her personal experience and interest in the linguistic, cultural, social, educational and political issues in North Africa in general and the Moroccan context in particular. She has published articles in indexed journals and chapters in collective books at the international level.

Dr. Yamina’s Opening Plenary session, “Expanding the Dialogue on International Education: Emerging Trends from the Middle East and Africa,” will take place on Thursday, October 21, at 8:45 a.m. CEST.


CIGL Opening Plenary by Dr. Paula Caligiuri

“Developing Students Cultural Agility through Career-Integrated Global Learnings”

While the professional world is now more diverse and interconnected than ever before, success in a multicultural context requires more than a Zoom account and an internet connection. To gain trust, build credibility, and communicate effectively in a multicultural environment, students will need to develop their cultural agility.

Cultural agility is the ability to comfortably and successfully work in culturally novel contexts and with people from different cultures (e.g., national, generational, professional).  To help build students’ cultural agility, universities can be doing more so that students gain the greatest level of development from their cross-cultural experiences, whether in-person or virtual.

This plenary will discuss the science and best practices for the development of students’ cultural agility as well as share a framework and tool for developing students’ cultural agility.

Paula Caligiuri is a Distinguished Professor of International Business at Northeastern University.  Paula works extensively with leading organizations and universities on the development of individuals’ culturally agility.  She has authored or co-authored several award-winning research articles and books – including Build Your Cultural Agility and Cultural Agility: Building a Pipeline of Successful Global Professionals and Get a Life, Not a Job.  Paula has been a frequent expert guest on CNN and CNN International and is an instructor for a LinkedIn Learning course entitled Managing Globally.

Paula was a semi-finalist for the 2021 Forbes “50 over 50” for co-founding a public benefit corporation, Skiilify, to help foster cross-cultural understanding through the free online tool myGiide.  She has served as an Area Editor for the Journal of International Business Studies and as a Senior Editor for the Journal of World Business. She has also served as a visiting professor at Bocconi University in Milan.

Paula holds a Ph.D. from Penn State in Organizational Psychology and is a Fellow of both the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Academy of International Business.

Dr. Caligiuri’s Opening Plenary session, “Developing Students Cultural Agility through Career-Integrated Global Learnings,” will take place on Monday, October 17, at 9:00 a.m. CEST.


CIGL Closing Plenary by Carmen Chamorro, Emily Merson and Rich Kurtzman

“Innovation that changes the world: Designing the future of International Education Together”

Join this creative plenary and be part of designing the future of international education. We will start by examining key innovations over the past 20 years and identify trends and drivers influencing the future of our field. Using tools for innovation design we will work together on a creative challenge to build new ideas to address global challenges.

Carmen Chamorro has lived in 4 different countries (Denmark, France, UK and Spain), holds 2 passports and has extensively travelled the world, she loves learning about new places and cultures and strongly believes that traveling is an extraordinary tool for self-connection. Carmen holds a portfolio career. Her main background is in Architecture, field in which she has worked for more than 10 years, but she has experiences in many other areas: events, media, design, teaching, hospitality, PR and writing. She is the Virtual Program Manager at AIFS Abroad. Carmen Chamorro
Emily Merson is a native of Sydney, Australia and has a global resume with degrees from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, and Uppsala University in Sweden. In 2001, Emily co-founded Global Experiences, an International Internship organization, serving as CEO from 2013 to 2020.
During her time leading GE, Emily developed a range of innovative and award-winning programs focused on connecting academic and connecting academic and careers experience through international education. She is the Executive Director of AIFS Abroad.
Rich Kurtzman has been working in EA since 1998 but began his journey by studying in St. Petersburg and Madrid, interning in Milan, and leading groups of students in Spain. He began working on-site in Barcelona in 2002 in a variety of capacities, including as a professor of intercultural courses.
In 2009, Rich founded Barcelona SAE and has been the Director ever since. Some past presentations at conferences include: Increasing Cultural Awareness in Short-term Programs: A Toolkit of Activities, and Helping Students Make the “Right” Decisions: Using Choice Architecture and Nudge Theories.
In May of 2022, Rich published a book to guide and coach all students studying abroad titled “Like a Fish in Water: How to Grow Abroad When You Go Abroad.

We look forward to having this CIGL Closing Plenary session, “Innovation that changes the world: Designing the future of International Education Together” on Tuesday, October 18, 3:30 – 5 p.m. CEST.