Attendee Resources & FAQs

Conference Schedule

Attendees may begin accessing the virtual conference platform on Monday, October 26, 2020. All conference times are listed in Central European Time (CET)/UTC +1Use a time zone converter»

The full conference schedule is available here.

Log-In Credentials

You may login to the virtual conference platform on Monday, October 26. Look in the top, right-hand corner of the page after clicking on the Event Link below. You’ll need to click on “Enter Event.” You may need to scroll down once to see the bar at the top of the page with this option.


LOGIN: The email address you used to register for the conference.

PASSWORD: The password that you selected at registration. If your password does not work, you will be given the chance to reset your password.

Navigating the Virtual Conference Platform

Once inside the event platform, participants will find the Conference Lobby (Figure #1). You can navigate from the lobby to different event venues by clicking on a sandwich-board or the menu bar options at the top of the page. Sandwich-board options include Session Lobby, Chat Lounge and Help Center. In the Session Lobby (Figure #2), you will see 7 different rooms and a list of sessions. Find the session you would like to attend, and click Enter Now. You will be able to enter a Session Room prior to the session (Figure #3), but must wait until the session is scheduled to begin to see the video or access the zoom link in that room. If either fails to appear at the scheduled time, you may need to refresh your browser.

FIGURE #1: Conference Lobby


FIGURE #2: Session Lobby


FIGURE #3: Session Room


Attending a Session

All sessions will begin promptly at the session start time. You should enter the Session Room (#3 above) where the session you would like to attend is being held, and a video presentation should begin.

When the video portion of the session ends, look for the Zoom Button along the top of the session room. There, you will find presenters in a dedicated Zoom meeting, allowing for interactive discussions, breakout rooms, and live Q&A. Each Zoom room will have a Session Tech Producer to help the meeting run smoothly. If you do not see the session or zoom button appear, and the time for the session to begin has been reached, try refreshing your browser.

Tips for Using Zoom

Before you can use Zoom, you will need to install Zoom software for your device. Please make sure that Zoom is installed on your computer before the conference begins!

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the Zoom Client for Meetings Download button.
  3. Select OK to open the installer and follow setup instructions.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Virtual Conference

  • Session recordings will be available for 90 days after the conference to all attendees and presenters registered for the full conference via the Session Lobby On-Demand menu item. An email will sent out when the videos will be available for viewing.
  • For optimal performance, shut down all other programs not in use and close other browser tabs. Use Chrome or Firefox browsers. If you’re having trouble accessing the event, try a different browser. It is also helpful to exit out of all other applications except for your Internet browser. Please note: We recommend you NOT use Safari as a web browser to attend this virtual event.
  • If you are having trouble with your audio or video while in Zoom, first check your computer settings. If that doesn’t help, Restart your computer and log back into vConference and Zoom.
  • Audio and video for the event will be live-streamed, so check your speakers or headphones to make sure you’ll be able to hear it. To double-check that everything is working, we recommend signing into the platform a few minutes prior to the Introduction to the Virtual Conference Session on Monday, October 26 from 5-6 p.m. (CET).
  • If you are comfortable using video, please turn your video on. We want to make this event as interactive as possible! Please sign into Zoom using your real name.
  • You will be muted upon entry to both Session and Zoom Rooms. In vConference Session Rooms, you will communicate via Chat. When in Zoom, remember to unmute your microphone before speaking. Please leave audio muted when you are not speaking. This will significantly reduce the chance of echoing and audio distortion

Need Help?

If you encounter any technical difficulties during the conference, please use the vConference Online Help Center, accessible via the Conference Lobby and navigation menu bar. You can also email to request help.


Download the 5th European Conference Zoom Backgrounds

If you would like to use of our images as your Zoom background, download them here and upload to your Zoom!