Tuesday, March 20: Critical Dialogues

Ethics in Education Abroad | 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
It has been 10 years since the summer of subpoenas that jolted the field of education abroad, prompting a summit of leaders across the field and leading to the development of The Forum’s Code of Ethics for Education Abroad.  Has the ethical landscape of the field shifted since then, and if so, in what ways? What are the current ethical issues facing education abroad, or what might be lying just over the horizon? This Critical Dialogue invites free and wide-ranging discussion of ethical issues among education abroad professionals, with a view to continuing to develop best practices and a shared ethical compass. Hosted by Boston University.

Women & Leadership: Building Influence & Blazing a Path | 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
A 2017 Survey by CUPA determined that the percentage of women holding leadership positions in higher education is less than 30% (Bichsel and McChesney, 2017). How might these statistics compare with women leaders in education abroad? Are there practices and support structures that we should change to better address gender equality and leadership in the field? What roles should authenticity and influence play in redefining successful leadership for women? This Critical Dialogue will encourage education abroad professionals to identify challenges and next steps to change the future of women’s leadership in education abroad. Offered in collaboration with the Global Leadership League and hosted by Emerson College.

Wednesday, March 21: Pre-Conference Workshops

Morning Workshops | 8 a.m.-12 p.m.

Forum-AIEA Career Building Workshop: Education Abroad Administration as Preparation for Becoming a Senior International Officer
Brian Whalen (The Forum on Education Abroad); Darla Deardorff (Association of International Education Administrators); Penelope Pynes (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
This workshop, a collaboration between The Forum and the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA), will provide information and guidance to education abroad professionals interested in a career path to become a senior international officer (SIO).

Health, Safety, Security & Risk Management (Standard 8)
Brian Brubaker (The Pennsylvania State University)
This Standards of Good Practice Workshop will provide the tools to assess and improve health and safety protocols. After examining the data available (including The Forum’s Critical Incident Database), workshop participants will consider how this specific Standard works in conjunction with the other Standards to guide programs in developing a solid risk management plan. Participants will practice applying different approaches to risk management as they discuss actual case studies from the field. This qualifies as a Forum Certification and Fundamentals of Student Preparation and Risk Management Competency Credential Workshop.

Increasing Diversity in Study Abroad
Keshia Abraham (CIEE); Tonija Hope Navas (Howard University)
In this workshop we will discuss, investigate, and elaborate on diversity and inclusion in the field of education abroad. Participants will be guided through exercises that allow us to explore how we define and contribute to increasing diversity abroad on different levels (student inclusion, faculty representation, staffing, host country activities) while reducing barriers to studying abroad.

Overview of the Standards of Good Practice
Bradley Rink (University of the Western Cape); Jonathan Sylvia (Dartmouth College)
The Forum’s Standards of Good Practice provide a means to assess and ensure quality in all areas of education abroad programming—academic programming, student conduct, resources and personnel and policies and procedures. Using the Standards as a guide, participants will examine practices at their universities or organizations. This workshop will be highly interactive, drawing on case studies and issues of interest to participants. This qualifies as a Forum Certification and Foundations of Good Practice Competency Credential Workshop.

Program Resources, Policies & Procedures (Standards 6 & 7)
Paige Butler (Middlebury Institute of International Studies)
This workshop provides the training to align your organization’s policies with the available resources, according to best practices as articulated in Standards 6 and 7. Through discussion and analysis of specific case studies, participants will explore how these two Standards can assist an organization in attaining more effective use of resources through the proper implementation of policies. This qualifies as a Forum Certification and Principles of Program Development and Administration Competency Credential Workshop.

Afternoon Workshops | 1-5 p.m.

Mission, Ethics & Integrity (Standards 1, 9 & Code of Ethics)
David Shallenberger (SIT)
This workshop focuses on Mission, Ethics, and the Code of Ethics for Education Abroad. Participants will discuss the importance of mission and ethics in the field, and will delve deeply into the Code of Ethics by understanding its history and application through a variety of case studies. This qualifies as a Forum Certification and Foundations of Good Practice Competency Credential Workshop.

Student Learning, Development & Academic Framework (Standards 2 & 3)
Kline Harrison (Wake Forest University)
Wrestling with how to bring into line the best academic intentions with a meaningful education abroad experience? This workshop focuses on Student Learning, Development and the Academic Framework for Education Abroad and will help you to identify the resources and design programming to assist in this effort. Through simulations involving specific examples, participants will address critical issues often introduced by colleagues in higher education who are unfamiliar with the importance of tying these two areas together in education abroad. This qualifies as a Forum Certification and Principles of Program Development and Administration Competency Credential Workshop.

Student Selection, Preparation, Code of Conduct & Returning Support (Standards 4 & 5)
Tynelle Stewart (University of Rochester); Mandy Brookins Blinn (DePauw University)
With a focus on Student Selection, Preparation, Code of Conduct and Returning Support this workshop will help participants identify resources and design programming in these areas. Topics include a comprehensive judicial screening process, different preparation and returning support models and developing strategies to improve existing practices in participants’ specific contexts. This qualifies as a Forum Certification and Fundamentals of Student Preparation and Risk Management Competency Credential Workshop.

Recruitment to Retention: Inclusive Hiring in Education Abroad
Kelsey Schultz (Macalester College); Heather Barclay Hamir (Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University (IFSA-Butler)), Patricia Izek (University of Minnesota)
When was the last time you examined your institution’s search process with a focus on equity and inclusion? Job descriptions, interview questions, and your recruitment strategy communicate your priorities, expectations, and culture. If you want to hire individuals who have a commitment to equity and inclusion, you need to create an inclusive job search process. This session will examine current position descriptions and interview questions to develop concrete take-aways.


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