Proposals are no longer being accepted for the 14th Annual Conference. 

Building on Strong Foundations: Best Practices for an Evolving Field

Each year, education abroad strives to adapt to shifting student populations, developments in higher education in the U.S. and internationally, and an evolving global landscape.

In this dynamic environment, widely-accepted standards provide a solid foundation, and the necessary tools to face new challenges.

As a community of practice, we have come to expect that we will gather, discuss, and cultivate best practices. Through critical dialogue, we reflect, rethink and reevaluate what we do, to improve education abroad for students, and for all stakeholders in education abroad.

The Forum’s 14th Annual Conference invites attendees to revisit the foundations of good practice, while elevating the discussion to address current realities of international education. Join us to engage in substantive dialogue, and return to your office with concrete takeaways that support quality education abroad programs.

Preference will be given to proposals that include diverse voices and perspectives crossing multiple institutions, organizations, and programs. We encourage submissions including expert voices from outside the field to deepen our understanding and add value to our work. In particular, the committee seeks proposals that stimulate discussion and provide tangible takeaways.

Topics and areas of interest include:

  • The foundations of best practices: how does theory inform practice and vice versa?
  • Changes and trends in higher education and student development in the U.S. and abroad
  • Emerging paradigms of education abroad: non-curricular programming, ethical community engagement
  • Ethics: ethical engagement of all education abroad stakeholders
  • Making excellence inclusive: diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • Engaging faculty in comprehensive internationalization, curriculum mapping and academic advising for education abroad
  • How innovation and design can support quality programming
  • Education abroad research: what does it tell us about best practices?
  • Changes in the political climate in the U.S. and abroad & tools for dealing with them
  • Mitigating risk with increasingly mobile students
  • The value of education abroad: how do we know that we are achieving our goals?
  • Outcomes assessment realities: challenges and successes
  • Augmenting the Standard 6 & 7 Toolboxes: effective approaches to developing and implementing essential education abroad policies, procedures, financial and operations models
  • Best practices for all: Applying the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad in various office or institutional administrative structures


Session Proposal Tips and Suggestions

What makes a session proposal work?

  • Diverse points of view and multiple voices on the session topic: this can mean different institutions and organizations, and/or types of education abroad colleagues and partners, or contributors from outside the field of education abroad;
  • Ample time for comments and/or questions from the attendees;
  • A topic that clearly relates to the conference theme;
  • A balance of theory and practice;
  • Concrete conclusions: sessions offering specific tips, tools, and takeaways;
  • Consideration for the different constituencies in education abroad;
  • Demonstrated professionalism, preparation, and personality.

What doesn’t work?

  • Panels that focus on the accomplishments of only one institution, organization, or program;
  • Panels of more than 4 presenters;
  • Proposals lacking planned audience engagement and interaction;
  • Reading scholarly papers.


Proposals are no longer being accepted for the 14th Annual Conference.


NEW Session Type for 2018: Best Practice Laboratories

In conference and workshop evaluations, attendees have continually requested more opportunities to exchange small but impactful best practices at the operations level. In response to these requests, we’ve imagined a new session format where attendees will be able to present best practice examples with the goal of building education abroad’s community of shared knowledge: Best Practice Laboratories.

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