Standards of Good Practice Consensus Body

The Consensus Body is one of the essential groups involved in our process for developing and updating standards, which prioritizes the core principles of due process for standards development as identified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI): Openness, Lack of Dominance, Balance, Coordination and Harmonization, Consideration of View and Objections, Consensus Vote and Appeals.

The Consensus Body will be responsible for:

  • voting on approval of proposed revisions to the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad;
  • voting on approval of reaffirmation of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad; and,
  • other matters requiring Consensus Body action as provided in these procedures.

Please read our Standards Development Policy closely before applying for Consensus Body service.

Consensus Body 2019-2024

Lindsay Allen, Yale-NUS College, Singapore
Rosa Almoguera, Edualamo, Spain
Alejandra Barahona, Universidad Veritas CIPSS, Costa Rica
Heidi Barends, EDU Africa, South Africa
Sarah Beaton, Advanced Training and Research Division, U.S. Department of Education
Tracey Bradley, Tennessee Consortium for International Studies/Pellissippi State Community College & Forum Council
Paige Butler, Middlebury Institute for International Studies
Christina Carroll, Florida State University & Forum Council
Enda Carroll, University College Dublin & Forum Board of Directors
Lucía Conte, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Christopher Daniel, Michigan State University
Rebecca Davies, University of Dallas
Pauline Day, Wellesley College alumna
Caroline Donovan White, NAFSA
Maria Doyle, University of West Georgia
Maritheresa Frain, The Institute for Study Abroad & Forum Council
Annalease Gibson, Albany State University
Robert Hallworth, IES Abroad & Forum Council
Kathleen Head, Elmhurst College
Kimberly Hindbjorgen, University of Minnesota
Holly Hudson, Texas A&M University
Heilwig Jones, Kaya Responsible Travel
Jonathan Kaplan, Rothberg International School, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Arden Kazan, CISAbroad – Center for International Studies
Sophia Krause, Freie Universitaet Berlin International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS), Germany
Sarah Langston Urbiss, SAI Programs
John Lucas, ISEP – International Student Exchange Programs & Forum Board of Directors
Blaise Maccarrone, CIEE
Monica Malhotra, Mobility International
Alex Markman, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina
Amanda Milburn, Global Education Oregon in London
Jennifer Murray, Bard College
Michael Nelson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ken Nesbett, Kirkwood Community College
Carri Orrison, Global Experiences
Clare Overman, Institute of International Education (IIE)
James Pasquill, State University of New York
Chris Petrie, Eastern Florida State College
Pia Schneider, EUASA
Gregory Spear, Georgetown University
Tynelle Stewart, University of Rochester & Forum Council
Ann Margaret Themistocleous, Anderson University
Brigette Thompson, AIFS Study Abroad
Jill Walker, Global Vision International (GVI), Thailand

Consensus Body Selection Process

Any directly and materially affected person may apply to serve on the Consensus Body by completing the application. Membership on the Consensus Body is not conditional upon membership in The Forum on Education Abroad, nor unreasonably restricted on the basis of technical qualifications. Membership term is for five years.

The Consensus Body will be populated by individuals from each of these types of groups:

  • 12 individuals from U.S. Institutions (with an effort toward representation from all groups)
    • Public
    • Private
    • Community College
    • Historically Black College or University
    • Minority Serving Institution
    • Tribal College or University
  • 10 individuals from Universities or Colleges outside the U.S. (with an effort toward representation from both groups)
    • Majority World/Global South
    • Minority World
  • 10 individuals from Education Abroad Providers (with an effort toward representation from both groups)
    • U.S. based
      • Non-profit
      • For-profit
    • Based outside the U.S.
      • Non-profit
      • For-profit
  • 8 individuals from other entities that have general interests in education abroad
    • Charitable Foundations or Professional Associations
    • Service providers that support education abroad
  • 4 individuals that have a general interest in education abroad
    • Parents/families
    • Student Alumni of a Study Abroad Program
    • Government personnel
    • Accrediting agencies
  • 6 individuals from Governing Bodies of The Forum on Education Abroad
    • Board of Directors
    • Forum Council

Consensus Body Application

We are currently seeking representatives from HBCUs, MSIs, TCUs and service providers that support education abroad (insurance companies, tech companies, etc.) to serve on the Consensus Body.

  • Address
  • Members of the Consensus Body must be individuals who are directly and materially affected by the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. Please include specific information about your educational and work experience, expertise, skills, etc.
  • All information included here will be reviewed carefully by the Standards Manager. Listing potential conflicts here DOES NOT automatically exclude you from consideration for the Consensus Body.
  • Members of the Consensus Body serve a 5 year term. Applicants responding to this call will be expected to serve until 2024 (3 years). The Consensus Body may be called on to consider future revisions if and when there are calls to revise the Standards.

    Consensus Body members are expected to participate in training and other activities if a call for revisions is received. Members will be expected to read multiple revisions of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad and vote on proposed revisions in a timely manner. See Section 3.2.4 of the Standards Development Policy for more details regarding Consensus Body service.

    By submitting this application to serve on the Consensus Body, you are indicating that you are available to serve in the capacity outlined above if selected.