Customized Training

The Forum on Education Abroad’s customized workshops provide timely training grounded in the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. Training is tailored to focus on issues of concern to your organization.

How It Works

  1. Decide what Standards-based training your organization or region needs.
  2. Submit an inquiry or contact to discuss your options.
  3. A member of the Forum staff will contact you to further discuss the training goals and outcomes for your training.


You provide

  • The participants: Include as many as you wish. They can also be participants from other organizations and institutions in your area.
  • The place: A venue conducive to an interactive learning environment and that will comfortably accommodate the number of participants. Workshops can be delivered virtually or in a hybrid format.
  • The particulars: Arrangements for catering and AV equipment.


The Forum provides

  • All participant and trainer materials (including a copy of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, and other resources as appropriate for each participant).
  • Forum trained professionals to deliver the workshop.
  • Invoicing for the workshop and any associated travel costs for the trainer(s) if the workshop is done in person.

Example Workshops Available for Customized Training

  • Framing the Standards of Good Practice
  • Program Design
  • Program Management: From Implementation to Evaluation
  • Health, Safety and Well-Being
  • Student Learning & Development I: Advising & Orientations
  • Student Learning & Development II: Reflection, Integration & Assessment
  • Mental Health Issues in Education Abroad
  • Crafting Emergency Action Plans and Protocols
  • Valuing & Applying the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Education Abroad
  • Climate Action: Education Abroad for a Healthy Planet
  • Supporting Diverse Students on Study Abroad


Training Examples

Possible examples of how you could design your training might include:

Duration Training Description
8 hour workshop
(full day)
Train faculty leaders on the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad during the morning followed by a focus on Health, Safety and Well-Being as informed by the Standards of Good Practice.
12 hour workshop
(1.5 days)
Train staff on the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad while focusing on three specific Standards’ topics (i.e., Program Design, Program Management and Student Learning & Development).


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“Whitworth [University] chose to host a customized training because I wanted specific information to be shared with our faculty. The training was primarily for our faculty who either lead or might lead programs, but the study abroad staff also attended. I wanted our faculty to get a better idea of what the professional field of study abroad looks like and that I don’t recommend policies and best practices in a vacuum. About 14 people attended and the consensus was that it was a very worthwhile event. A wonderful outcome was increased appreciation for the field, the Standards of Good Practice and all the resources that go with them. For me though, the best outcome was that a chemistry professor who had never led a program abroad before, was inspired and encouraged enough to propose one. It was accepted, and she already has students signed up to go.”

~ Sue Jackson, Whitworth University