A House Where All Belong: Redesigning Education Abroad for Inclusive Excellence

edited by: Nick J. Gozik & Heather Barclay Hamir

About this Volume:

This book brings together a diverse group of scholars and practitioners to build bridges between the existing literatures on advising approaches, inclusive pedagogies, and inclusive excellence to situate education abroad within the broader context of inclusive excellence within higher education to answer the question:

How can we integrate inclusive practices to expand the outcomes and benefits of education abroad for all students, with the goal of achieving inclusive excellence?

By connecting this scholarship with promising practices in the field and the guidance found in the Standards of Good Practice,  practitioners in education abroad and beyond will find this collection of readings both actionable and inspiring for their work to deepen the impact of education abroad by means of the principles of inclusive excellence. 

Release date: 2022

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Table of Contents

Foreword: The Time for Waiting Is Over Dawn Whitehead

1. Introduction Nick Gozik, Heather Barclay Hamir

 Framing the Discussion

2. Advancing Inclusive Excellence in Education Abroad Alma Clayton-Pedersen, Thandi Dinani, Kevin Hovland, Nick Gozik

3. The Promise of Equity-Minded Practice: Lessons Learned from Higher Education for Education Abroad Eduardo Contreras, Asabe Poloma, Ana M. Martínez Alemán

 Lessons Learned

4. Inclusive Excellence Begins with Us: Developing Inclusive Organizational Cultures and Hiring Practices Heather Barclay Hamir, Aileen Bumphus, Patricia Izek, and Betty Jeanne Taylor

5. Equity-minded Program Design for Inclusive Excellence Malaika Serrano, David Wick, Devin Walker

6. Passing the Mic: The Role of Outreach, Messaging, and Marketing in Building Inclusive Excellence in Education Abroad Brett Berquist, Shelley Jessee, Jennifer Calvert

7. Advancing Inclusive Practices through Appreciative Advising in Education Abroad Nikki Bruckmann, Opal Leeman Bartzis, Chris Van Velzer

8. Dismantling Exclusive Practices: Applications as Tools for Inclusion Taylor Woodman, Jeremy Gombin-Sperling, Qimmah Najeeullah

9. Decolonizing Education Abroad with Critical Pedagogies Santiago Castiello-Gutiérrez, Nick Gozik

10. Flickers of Difference: Living and Learning with Others through Inclusive Classroom Projects Neriko Musha Doerr, Yuri Kumagai

11. Training “American” Identity: Engaging On-site Staff in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Work Martha Johnson, Bradley Titus, Mariarosa Mettifogo

12. Fulbright Noir: Race, Identity, and Empowerment in the Fulbright U.S. Student Program LaNitra Berger, Lee Rivers, Erica Lutes, Marie-Aimee Ntawukulityayo

13. Re-entry Strategies to Apply Lessons Learned from Abroad Lily López-McGee, Maraina Montgomery, Neal McKinney, Jane Nzomo, Angela Manginelli

14. Alignment, Belongingness, and Social Justice: Using Assessment to Advance Inclusive Excellence in Education Abroad Elizabeth Brewer, Katherine Yngve

 Next Steps

15. Acting with Courage: Charting a Path Forward for Education Abroad Nick Gozik, Heather Barclay Hamir

About the Editors:

Dr. Nick J. Gozik is Dean of Global Education and Assistant Professor at Elon University.

Dr. Heather Barclay Hamir is President and CEO of the Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA).

This book is a part of the Standards in Action book series.