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Language Institute

A study abroad center whose primary mission is language instruction. Some language institutes also provide foreign language instruction to students from the host country.

Language of Instruction

the primary language in which a course is conducted/taught

Language Program

A study abroad program whose primary purpose is language instruction. Includes such variants as language institutes, language-focused programs for foreigners at host universities, and language-focused programs run by U.S. universities.

Learning Outcomes

1) The knowledge, skills, and abilities an individual student possesses and can demonstrate upon completion of a learning experience or sequence of learning experiences (for example, in courses, degrees, education abroad programs). In an education abroad context, learning outcomes may include language acquisition, cross-cultural competence, discipline-specific knowledge, and research skills. 2) Advance statements about what students ought to understand or be able to do as a result of a learning experience.

Leave of Absence

A formally arranged period of time taken away from college or university as a break from studies. Institutions have requirements detailing how long a student may be gone and how to re-enroll.