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Gap Year

An extra year that some students take between the end of their secondary studies and the beginning of tertiary studies. Students sometimes use such a year for international work, internships, volunteering, or study.

General Counsel

(or University Attorney) – Individual or unit providing legal services and representation; litigation and risk management; contract drafting and review; and compliance oversight in all areas of an institution’s operation, instruction, research and administration. The primary goal of the Office of the General Counsel is to provide counsel to minimize legal risk and costs, reduce litigation exposure, and ensure compliance with law.


the final or ultimate aim towards which efforts are directed.

  • Note 1 to entry: Achieving a goal will involve the development of a clear implementation plan of intermediary steps, each designed to build on elements of that goal.

Grade Conversion

The process by which an institution translates a grade earned abroad, or at another U.S. institution with a different grading system, to an equivalent grade of its own.


general rule, principle, or piece of advice

  • Note 1 to entry: As defined by Oxford Dictionaries. [4]