PrintCritical Incident Database

The Critical Incident Database (CID) is a free tool for use by Forum member institutions in tracking critical incidents that occur while students are abroad. The CID serves as a method for tracking required information on incidents that should be reported in a member’s Annual Security Report as required by the Clery Act, including all incidents that meet the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) definitions. In addition, all incidents that should be reported to a Title IX officer are tagged.

The CID provides:

  • An easy and convenient way to track what happens to your students while off campus (types of incidents, locations, etc.);
    • On-line and accessible from anywhere
    • Tablet, smart phone friendly
    • Easy access to your own data; downloadable and printable reports (coming soon)
  • A reliable method to identify which incidents should be reported in your Annual Security Report to the Department of Education to comply with the Clery Act;
    • Incidents to be reported to a campus’ Clery and Title IX officers are clearly tagged
    • Definitions provided based on the Clery Act, VAWA and Title IX
  • A way to track critical incidents so that risk management decisions about education abroad programs can be made using appropriate data in context.
    • Institution/organization and program identity protection
    • Annual reports generated in the aggregate

Report of 2014 CID Data

FAQ’s and Application