Submitting to The EADRC

Share a course or activity with your fellow education abroad faculty and professionals to demonstrate how you use the high-quality journalism and rich, interactive multimedia storytelling of The New York Times to enhance student learning before, during and after the education abroad experience.

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The Education Abroad Digital Resource Center Submission Form

  • May colleagues from From member institutions email you with questions about your use of The NYTimes for education abroad? * Required
  • 1 paragraph, 200 words maximum. Consider describing the course or program in which The NYTimes is used.
  • 1-2 paragraphs, 400 words maximum Consider describing: Assignments created using The New York Times; How The New York Times enhances the course/program curriculum; How The New York Times deepens the student study abroad experience; Student responses and feedback
  • bulleted list of 1-5 briefly stated learning objectives associated with the use of The New York Times
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    Please attach, if applicable: Course syllabus; full text assignment(s) distributed to students; Faculty/staff photo(s); Course/program photos