S2, Episode 8: A Conversation with Mike Woolf

ForumPodcastAlbumAlexis Phylactopoulos & Mike WoolfMike Woolf’s fascinating life as an urban, cosmopolitan person started paradoxically in the narrow cultural environment of London’s Jewish East End in the post Holocaust years. His early commitment to literature and left politics was evident in his university studies in politics and history. His PhD in Literature at the University of Hull led him to teaching at the Universities of Padova, Venice, Hull and Middlesex. He entered international education after a laconic interview by former senator William Fulbright himself!

The field has benefited for decades from Mike’s many talents; he is a tireless author and editor, a man with vast leadership experience, superb humor, and a charming ability for self-deprecating sarcasm.


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S2, Episode 8: A Conversation with Mike Woolf