QUIP Peer Reviewers

Experienced education abroad professionals trained by The Forum, the Peer Reviewers examine education abroad operations at the organization under review. They make judgments about whether the organization is in substantial conformity with the individual Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, commend the organization for any outstanding practices, and make suggestions and recommendations for quality improvement. Peer Reviewers play a critical role in making QUIP the only objective, independent review system in education abroad, based on the field’s Standards of Good Practice.

Current Peer Reviewers

Rosa Almoguera, EDUALAMO
Jose B. Alvarez, CEA Study Abroad
Lynn Anderson
Adrian Beaulieu, Providence College
Steve Bell, Old Dominion University
Rebecca Bergren, Gettysburg College
Kevin Brennan, Winterline Global Education
Paige Butler, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Chris Cook, Cornell University
Jeremy Doughty, St. Norbert College
Timothy Lynn Elliott, Brigham Young University
Stephen Hall, Tufts University
Melissa Hardin, Ursinus College
Ann Hubbard, AIFS Study Abroad
Leanne Johnson, University of Maryland
Lance Kenney
Jane Kucko, University of Tulsa
Cara Lane-Toomey, Where There Be Dragons
Jonathan Larson, Grinnell College
Cheryl Lochner-Wright, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
Stephanie Lovseth, Principia College
Elaine Meyer Lee, Agnes Scott College
Mona Miller, Academic Programs International
Joe Milostan, Kansas State University
Laurie Monarch
Carolyn O’Grady, Winona State University
Kristopher Riggs, BCA Study Abroad
Bradley Rink, University of the Western Cape
Emmeline Searson, University of Limerick
Carolyn Sorkin, University Passport LLC
Jen Sydow, Scottsdale Community College
Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Kalamazoo College

Eligibility Requirements

  • Employed by a Forum on Education Abroad Member Institution in good standing, or an Individual Member of The Forum.
  • At least five years’ experience in education abroad (or in the case of international candidates, five years’ experience directly related to programming for U.S. students).
  • At least one year experience in a senior administrative, managerial or supervisory role.
  • Prior experience in conducting, managing, or supervising program, accreditation or quality assurance reviews.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.

Selection and Appointment

Peer Reviewer applications will be reviewed by The Forum Review Panel and Forum Staff, who will recommend selection to The Forum President and CEO, who appoints each Peer Reviewer.


Peer Reviewers must undergo web-based QUIP Peer Reviewer Training. These trainings are designed to orient and train Peer Reviewers to their roles and responsibilities within the specific context of QUIP.

Terms of Service

The Forum’s goal is to develop a team of Peer Reviewers whose knowledge and experience are appropriate to the types of organizations and programs under review. Thus, depending on the nature of the reviews, not every Peer Reviewer will be called upon every year. Peer Reviewers assign ownership and copyright of all Peer Review Reports to The Forum. Peer Reviewers receive a modest honorarium from The Forum in compensation for their service in conducting the review. The review funds Peer Reviewers’ travel, accommodations and review-related travel expenses.

Code of Ethics

QUIP Peer Reviewers must understand and agree to abide by The Forum’s Code of Ethics for Education Abroad. They must sign a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Statement of Conflict of Interest for each review.


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