QUIP Review

Base Fee

The base fee for Forum members to participate in QUIP is $3000, and increases based on the scope of the review.

Additional Expenses

In addition to a series of virtual meetings with individuals at the home office/headquarters, one or two Program Site Visits may be required.

The organization under review pays for two Peer Reviewers’ and one Forum staff member’s air travel, ground transportation, and accommodation, and provides a per diem for meals and incidentals for any Program Site Visits.

Fee Payment Schedule

  • The organization under review will be invoiced for the full fee up acceptance of its application.
  • At the conclusion of the review, the organization will be invoiced for any site visit expenses.

»Download the QUIP Expense Worksheet to help estimate the cost of QUIP

QUIP Consultancies

QUIP Consultancy fees are determined on a project-by-project basis.

Examples of QUIP consulting projects include education abroad capacity reviews, health and safety reviews, and reviews of individual Standards of Good Practice, amongst others.

Please contact The Forum at quip@forumea.org to schedule a consultation to discuss your project.