QUIP Appeals Process

An institution or organization found to be not yet in substantial conformity with the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad may appeal this Final Determination on the grounds that (a) the decision is arbitrary, capricious, or not supported by substantial evidence; or (b) the procedures used to reach the decision were contrary to The Forum’s published policies on the website and in the QUIP Instruction Manual, and that a procedural error prejudiced the Forum Review Panel’s consideration.

Appeals Procedure:

  1. Requests for appeals must be sent in writing to quip@forumea.org within 30 days of Final Determination. The grounds for the appeal must be clearly stated and described in detail.
  2. The Forum staff will respond to the appellant acknowledging receipt of the appeal.
  3. An appeals panel will be convened, consisting of the Forum President, two QUIP peer reviewers, and two Forum Review Panel members, all of whom have no connection to the appellant and did not participate in the Final Determination being appealed.
  4. The Forum staff will provide each panel member and all participating parties with copies of correspondence, reports, and other materials relating to the Determination, along with a copy of the request for appeal.
  5. The appeal panel will consider only the facts that existed at the time of the Final Determination. Changes made after the Final Determination letter was sent, or the institution/organization’s plans for future changes will not be considered in the appeals process.
  6. The appeal panel must affirm or reverse the Final Determination being appealed. If a simple majority of the appeal panel votes to reverse the decision, the decision is reversed; otherwise the decision is affirmed.
  7. The appeal panel’s decision will be communicated in writing, within 60 days of its initiation, and will include a statement of the grounds for the decision.
  8. The appeal panel’s decision is final.