The Standards Committee develops and promulgates clear, communicable and replicable standards of good practice, the Code of Ethics for Education Abroad and Guidelines that contextualize the Standards in specific areas of education abroad practice. It also vets resources for inclusion in The Forum’s Standards Toolbox.

Standards Committee

Brian Brubaker, The Pennsylvania State University, Chair
Scott Daby, University of Minnesota
Enric Figueras, CEA Study Abroad
Trevor Goddard, Monash University
Mark Hayes, American University
Peter Kerrigan, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Mark Odenwelder, CEDEI Foundation
Adam Rubin, Road Scholar
Michelle Tolan, IFSA-Butler
Newell Wright, North Dakota State University
Annagene Yucas, CAPA International Education


Ethics Working Group

Adrian Beaulieu, Providence College
Bill Clabby, St. Edward’s University
Andrea Custodi, CET Academic Programs
Chris Deegan, University of Illinois at Chicago
Sophia Krause, Freie Universität Berlin
Karen McBride, San Jose State University
Michael Ulrich, New York University
John Wells, Arcadia University College of Global Studies


Inclusive Excellence Working Group

Michelle Tolan, IFSA-Butler, Chair
Keshia Abraham, Florida Memorial University
Laurie Black
Tracey Bradley, Pellissippi State Community College
Jennifer Calvert, Fund for Education Abroad
Joy Carew, University of Louisville
Patrick Eccles, Northwestern University
Jim Lucas, Michigan State University
Karyn Sweeney, Peace Corps, Southwest Regional Office


Short-Term Program Resources Working Group

Catherine Spaeth, Seminars International, Chair
Anne Frey, Portland Community College
Mark Odenwelder, CEDEI
Deirdre Opp, University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management
Janelle Papay Decato, Elon University


Title IX Working Group

Jodi Malmgren, St. Olaf College, Chair
Stephen Brunelle, Northern Virginia Community College
Bill Bull, CIEE
Julie Friend, Northwestern University
Trevor Goddard, Monash University
Anne Haberkern, Portland Community College
Mark Hayes, American University
Joanna Holvey-Bowles
Stacey Tsantir, University of Minnesota