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6th Annual Standards of Good Practice Institute

Saturday, May 30, 2015, 8:00 AM @ 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Beyond the Basics of Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management: Understanding Stress Responses to Improve Emergency Preparedness
Saturday, May 30, 2015
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA

The 6th Standards Institute was restructured to address an expressed need in education abroad: many institutions require assistance in realistically preparing for highly challenging emergencies.

While many institutions have Emergency Action Plans in place, it is always a challenge to develop training that actually reproduces the conditions needed to maximize the exercise of implementing a plan. Our plans may work on paper, but in real-life, pressure-filled emergency conditions, how will staff respond? The 2015 Standards of Good Practice Institute: Beyond the Basics of Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management addresses this problem.

This Institute was designed to train teams of professionals from organizations (education abroad, risk management, legal counsel, public safety, student life, etc.) to work together to improve their risk management plan through continuous review, practice and assessment. Experts provided realistic training to teach participants effective ways to respond to emergencies. Teams left with the skills and resources needed to lead crisis planning training at their organization.

This one-day workshop featured experts in the field of crisis planning and management.

  • Performing Under Pressure: led by Deb Ajango, director of SafetyEd, provided specific realistic training on preparing teams to work well in a crisis.
  • Emergency Evacuation: Proactive versus Reactive Responses, presented by Laura Provencher, International Risk Analyst, University of Arizona, Dru Simmons, International Risk Officer at The Ohio State University and Pascal Schuback, Global Emergency Manager at University of Washington
  • Plenary Address: Dr. Jeff McCausland, national security consultant for CBS television and radio; retired U.S. Army colonel and former dean of academics at the U.S. Army War College.

Jeff McCausland

Plenary Address: Leadership in a Media Driven World

Successful leaders are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to “leverage” the media to communicate their vision, increase their market share, broaden the organization’s reach and enhance their reputation. As a leader you must recognize that you and your organization could come under the medias microscope at any moment – be it the hiring of a controversial CEO, financial crisis, the leak of sensitive information, a tragic accident, or an inadvertent “Tweet”! Every organization will face some kind of press at one point or another – positive AND negative. At those critical moments in the life of any organization it is important to realize that the perceptions portrayed by the media are, in fact, reality. The big question is… are you ready for that reality?

Learning Objectives:

  • Guidelines for how best to deal with the media to avoid misconceptions and misinterpretations
  • How to present your organization’s message using the various media outlets – during day to day operations AND crisis situations
  • How to “join forces” with the media to create a positive and beneficial relationship”]

Presenter Bios

Deb Ajango is the director of SafetyEd, a consulting firm which offers teaching, training, and consulting in the areas of accident prevention and crisis response. Ms. Ajango has a MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has spent more than 20 years teaching—in the field as well as in a classroom—to a variety of audiences. While serving as director for the University of Alaska Anchorage’s outdoor education department, she earned a variety of awards, served on a university curriculum committee, and was named to the university’s task force on curriculum development and assessment. Ms. Ajango has written a variety of papers on safety education, has written and published two books on the topic, and helped edit the most recent version of the Association for Experiential Education’s (AEE’s) Manual of Accreditation Standards for Adventure Programs. She currently sits on the accreditation council for AEE.

Dr. Jeffrey D. McCausland, retired U.S. Army colonel and former dean of academics at the U.S. Army War College. McCausland is a national security consultant for CBS television and radio. He is the founder and CEO of Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy, LLC, which conducts executive leadership development workshops for leaders and organizations in both the public and private sector. Dr. McCausland is also a visiting professor of international security at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and a senior fellow with the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership at the U.S. Naval Academy and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. He has been a visiting fellow at the Center for International Affairs, Harvard University; Conflict Studies Research Center, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst; Stiftung Wissenshaft und Politk, Ebenhausen, Germany; and the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London.

Laura Provencher is the International Risk Analyst at the University of Arizona (UA), where she oversees the safety and security of all students, faculty, and employees on official international travel. She works closely with the UA International Travel Safety Oversight Committee to facilitate policy development, emergency planning, international travel procedures, assessment and review of high risk travel, and training. Laura oversees UA international emergency response and serves as the primary 24/7 emergency responder. Laura serves on the UA Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) and UA Pandemic Committee. She is a member of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), the OSAC Academia Working Group, OSAC Regional Councils, and is Co-Chair of the OSAC Nogales (Sonora) Country Council Steering Committee. Laura has a M.A. in Near Eastern Studies and a B.A. in Psychology and Education.


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Saturday, May 30, 2015, 8:00 AM
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Cambridge, MA United States