Critical Incident Database Application

To use the CID, complete the CID application (your institution must be a Forum member). The individual who submits the application becomes the CID Authority for the institution. Once the application is submitted, a link to the Critical Incident Report will be sent to you. Incidents may be submitted any time during the academic year.

CID Definition of Terms



What incidents should be reported?

Any incidents involving students who are participating in off-campus programs that prevents a student from participating for 24 hours or more should be reported. The Forum will only report aggregate data for abroad programs. Your institution may find it useful to submit incidents for off-campus domestic programs in order to track information required by the Department of Education (Clery, VAWA and Title IX).

Who can submit incidents?

Each organization has one designated CID Authority. The CID Authority may appoint field staff as reporters for the organization who then have the ability to submit incidents. Incidents submitted by field staff will be sent to the CID Authority for approval and editing before they are uploaded to the CID.

Who will see my institution’s data?

The Forum does not collect information that would identify individuals involved in incidents. Data that is collected is managed according to The Forum’s Data Ownership and Management Policy. All institutional identifiers are removed and the data is culled into an aggregate data set. Once analyzed, the data is reported on The Forum’s website.

What if my student was involved in an incident on a provider program?

The home institution should submit any incidents involving their students, even on programs they don’t operate. Incidents involving non-matriculated students who are on programs that your institution/organization operates should also be included. Data is closely reviewed to eliminate double reporting.

Why do you need a list of our current programs?

In order to put the incidents you submit into context, we need to collect information about the total number of students you send abroad, to where, and for how long. This data is collected when you apply to participate in the CID and reconfirmed at the end of the academic year.

Is the CID only for credit-bearing programs?

You may submit incidents for credit and non-credit programs, even if your office isn’t ultimately responsible for the non-credit programs. However, it’s important to include these programs when you provide the list of current programs.

We have our own data collection system, can we contribute our data to the CID?

If you can provide similar information regarding incidents than you may contribute your information to the CID via an excel spreadsheet. Please contact the Carla Maranto-Arnold at for additional information.

How was the CID developed?
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