Critical Incident Database Application

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  • Fall 2018 Programs

  • Accepted file types: xlsx, xls.
    Please upload an excel spreadsheet of programs that you will report incidents, if they occur, during the Fall 2018. You will be asked to review this spreadsheet at the end of the year. See below for template.
    Allowed file extensions - xlsx xls.

Format of Program Data Upload

Program Name* Location: City Location: Country Duration in Days Number of Students Program Type

* You may provide a course number or code.

Definitions for Program Type

  • Direct Enroll: Study at an overseas university without the assistance of external offices such as those of a program provider.
  • Facilitated Direct Enroll: study at an overseas university through a program provider
  • Faculty-Led Program: A study abroad program directed by a faculty member (or members) from the home campus who accompanies students abroad. Usually, though not always, brief in duration.
  • Field Research Program: A program whose pedagogy revolves around experiential study outside the classroom setting.
  • Internship Program: A work abroad placement, usually connoting working with professionals, with a primary purpose that is educational.
  • Service-Learning Program: A subtype of field study program in which the pedagogical focus is a placement in an activity that serves the needs of a community.
  • Study Abroad Center: A model in which the study format consists of classroom-based courses designed for non-host country students.