Critical Incident Database Application

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  • 2016-17 Programs

  • Accepted file types: xls, xlsm, xlsx, xml.
    Please upload an excel spreadsheet of programs that you will report incidents, if they occur, during the 2016-17 academic year. You will be asked to review this spreadsheet at the end of the year. See below for template.
    Allowed file extensions - xls xlsm xlsx xml.

Format of Program Data Upload

Program Name* Location: City Location: Country Duration in Days Number of Students Program Type

* You may provide a course number or code.

Definitions for Program Type

  • Direct Enroll: Study at an overseas university without the assistance of external offices such as those of a program provider.
  • Facilitated Direct Enroll: study at an overseas university through a program provider
  • Faculty-Led Program: A study abroad program directed by a faculty member (or members) from the home campus who accompanies students abroad. Usually, though not always, brief in duration.
  • Field Research Program: A program whose pedagogy revolves around experiential study outside the classroom setting.
  • Internship Program: A work abroad placement, usually connoting working with professionals, with a primary purpose that is educational.
  • Service-Learning Program: A subtype of field study program in which the pedagogical focus is a placement in an activity that serves the needs of a community.
  • Study Abroad Center: A model in which the study format consists of classroom-based courses designed for non-host country students.