Forum Council

The Forum Council works collaboratively with the Forum Staff to produce member programs, services, and benefits. The 15 members of the Forum Council are elected by the voting members of The Forum. The Council accomplishes its work through Standing Committees, Working Groups, and Task Forces. In practice, this means that the Council provides the expertise needed to advance the five content areas (represented in five standing committees) through the production of deliverable products and services that benefit the membership. Working together with Forum Staff, the Council has done extraordinary work over many years to drive the production of our membership deliverables. The Council apprises the Forum Board of Directors of its activities, and these activities further the mission and strategic plan of the organization by providing Forum members with meaningful products and benefits.

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Members of the Forum Council

(with dates of expiration of term)

Nick Gozik (2019), Chair

Director of the Office of International Programs and McGillycuddy-Logue Center for Undergraduate Global Studies, Boston College

Alicia Stanley (2019), Vice-Chair

Associate Director, Study Abroad, Northwestern University

Heather Barclay Hamir (2017)

President, The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University

Tracey Bradley (2019)

Executive Director, Tennessee Consortium for International Students/Pellissippi State Community College

Brian Brubaker (2019)

Director of Education Abroad, The Pennsylvania State University

Christina Carroll (2018)

Director, Risk Management, International Programs, Florida State University

Steven Duke (2018)

Assistant Vice President for Global Strategy and International Initiatives, University of Nebraska System

Maritheresa Frain (2019)

Executive Vice President of Study Abroad, CIEE

Trevor Goddard (2017)

Associate Director Global Programs, Monash University, Australia

Kristen Mallory (2017)

Director of Off-Campus Study, Claremont McKenna College

Uttiyo Raychaudhuri (2019)

Director, Clemson Abroad, Clemson University

Lisa Sapolis (2018)

Assistant Director, Off-Campus Study, Colgate University

Sarah Spencer (2017)

Director, Study Abroad, The University of St. Thomas

Lorna Stern (2017)

Vice-President, Arcadia University; Executive Director, The College of Global Studies