The Curriculum Cooperative: Sharing Education Abroad Curricula and Teaching Methods


The Curriculum Cooperative is an online resource center where faculty and administrators from Forum member institutions and organizations share their unique approaches to encouraging student learning abroad. The Cooperative contains education abroad course and program profiles, as well as video and text interviews with faculty and administrators, sample syllabi, and more. Contributions to the Cooperative are indexed by program type, sponsor type, duration, location and other variables. Members seeking inspiration on how to develop and improve their own education abroad curricula and teaching methods will find the Cooperative useful, and those who are eager to share their experience and expertise with colleagues now have an online venue to do so. Contributions will be accepted an on ongoing basis, and updates to the Cooperative will be made continuously.


Visit the Curriculum Cooperative home page to view course and program profiles, listen to advice from experts in the field, and to find out how to share information about your own approaches to curriculum design and teaching abroad.


All courses submitted to the Curriculum Cooperative by September 15, 2014 will be considered for the Forum's next Award for Excellence in Education Abroad Curriculum Design!


Here is just a small sampling of the types of interviews that you will find in the Cooperative.  Faculty, staff, and graduate students from Forum member organizations may login to view the full-length videos and other resources.




    Richard Slimbach describes Azusa Pacific's               Martha Johnson speaks about her course on             Mike Woolf discusses issues surrounding

    M.A. in Transformational Urban Leadership.                    "The Creation of Irish Identity."                        notions of culture and education abroad.



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